XR Zone Network

XR Zone Network is an ecosystem of partners which can benefit from the dedicated premium XR Zone areas thanks to our agreements with the major gaming and eSports events in Spain

XR Zone Network

XR Zone Network

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The XR Zone Network aims to lead the evolution of the growing eSports and Location Based Entertainment sectors with Extended Realities technologies.

The success of the eSports competitions and the rapidly growing fan base in detriment of traditional sports is resulting in a drastic reduction of physical exercise amongst teenagers and we believe XR eSports competitions will help gamers become more active and healthier without compromising the entertainment factor.

In our XR eSports arenas visitors will enjoy the most successful immersive sports in the market and will have the chance to play for fun or join the XR Cup tournaments at each event with valuable prizes for the winners of each game category.

For visitors who are still new to immersive technologies, we will create dedicated areas with experiential simulators, escape rooms, fun activities and free roaming experiences.

Be part of the community of content creators, technology partners and sponsoring brands aimed at providing unique and new experiences to gamers and eSports fans.