Looking Beyond the WOW Factor!

Creating Business Value Through Emerging Technologies

Our Innovation Workshops are designed to provide a practical understanding on the current state of emerging technologies and how to implement innovative and effective marketing campaigns for international brands, including VR, AR, Holographic Projections, Gesture Controllers and Sensorial Installations.



Developing a deeper understanding of the key concepts of the current technology landscape, how it has evolved over the years, and defining how this knowledge can be used to its greatest effect within your business and with your clients.


Once you finish the sessions you will be inspired by the possibilities offered by these upcoming technologies and develop the right skills to implement your ideas on real case scenarios.


During the workshops there will be a series of ‘hands on demos’ where attendees will get to ‘play’ with the latest technologies and acquire valuable practical knowledge on how these can be implemented in innovative ways for their companies, and clients


Become an influencer on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality topics. Understanding the key elements of these technologies will enable you to lead technology driven conversations and apply your strategic approach for innovative activations.



VR Intro & Primer

Discover the evolution of VR and AR, their infinite possibilities, and successful case studies in a variety of industries

1 hour


Interactive demos

Try out our mind-blowing installations, together with the latest VR and AR gadgets and play with other futuristic technologies, like robotic devices, holograms and interactive projections.

Refreshments will be provided


Maximum of 10-12 people from the same enterprise.

Free assistance up to a number of 12 people per session.

2 to 4 hours outbounds sessions.


Workshops attendance is by invite-only. If you would like to request an invite please contact us using the form below, but please note that numbers are limited and invitations are approved at the discretion of the organizer for relevant industry professionals.