Developer Android / iOS / Windows

Full-Time  Barcelona

At VISYON we build immersive and innovative experiences through the latest emerging technologies. 


We are looking for a Developer with a proven experience of more than 3 years developing desktop and mobile builds.


We are looking for a pragmatic, responsible and proactive person to work at Barcelona Headquarters and able to collaborate with our Interantional team. 


The person we are looking for needs to be efficent, organized, self-sufficient, problem-solver and ready to work in a fast-paced and professional environment. We are looking for a highly professional person willing to get involved, learn, evolve and grow in a company continuously looking forward. 




- 3 years of experience with Unity

- 3 years of experience with C#

- Advanced GIT user

- Advanced English (spoken and written)


Knowledge and experience on the following matters will be highly valued: 

- iOS and Android platforms

- VR and AR

- Arduino

- Web technologies

- OpenGL and DirectX


*If you need to add more files, feel free to upload them into an online file transfer service and provide the link below your Presentation Letter.