Senior Project Manager for digital and innovation projects

Full-Time  Barcelona

At VISYON we are looking for a Senior Project Manager with a proven experience of more than 4 years managing teams and projects related to digital communication, new media, innovation or similar.  

We are looking for a pragmatic, responsible and proactive person to work at Barcelona Headquarters and able to collaborate with our Interantional team. 

The person we are looking for needs to be perfectionist, decisive, efficent, organized, self-sufficient and ready to work in a fast-paced and professional environment. We are looking for a highly professional person willing to get involved, learn, evolve and grow in a company continuously looking forward. 

- Proven experience in the management of big brands and accounts
- Proven experience managing development teams
- Excellent communication skills
- Excellent deadlines, deliveries and timing management
- Excellent problem-solving skills
- Outstanding stress management skills
- Outstanding project plannification and definition skills
- Advanced English (both spoken and written)

Some of the functions this person will be responsible for (and must be able to comply) will be the following:
- Lead the complete project life cycle in a coordinated way with all involved parties
- Get involved, collaborate and support all the team members involved within a project in order to ease the production and make it as much clear and comfortable as possible
- Visualize and understand the whole production process of the project at any time
- Coordinate with all the involved teams and managers
- Predict any possible risks, warn about them and provide solutions convenient for both the client before they happen
- Release stress, when existing, both at the team's end as well as the client's
- Accurate supervision of the deliveries both from the interal team as well as the providers
- Coordination and execution of project planning tasks (compilation of requirements, specifications, project plans and milestones) 
- Successful delivery of project milestones assurance
- General planning and definition for marketing and innovation projects
- Cost and time estimation 
- Commercial proposal creation, taking into account the clients needs and expectations
- Analytical capacity to monitor and create project and campaign reports 
- Follow trends, learn about them, and keep up to date to be able to always advice the clients with the latest references and information
- Strict quality control  
- Avoid overloading other team members with tasks, questions or issues that can be solved by oneself
- Always provide solutions to any problem that might come up
- Always go one step further
- Among others



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